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Residential heating is an energy-intensive part of your electricity consumption. Regardless of the type of heating, it requires the intervention of professionals who knows what they are doing. Electric heating consumes a lot of energy; this is why the components surrounding its system must be installed by a professional to be safe and efficient.

Important standards

It is also important to install approved components for the heating power required for your rooms. These are small details that our team knows and that make our service excellent. An electrician of the Groupe Quenneville team will pay attention to every details: load calculations, the calculation of the required power, the calculation of the necessary components according to your needs and your building. This gives you comfort and peace of mind.

Heating controls

The mechanical thermostat is used less and less as an electric heating control because it is very energy-intensive. However it is still used in some applications that require a thermostat capable of taking larger power (watts). It is also called the “roller thermostat.”

The electronic thermostat is the most frequently used today. It allows for much larger energy-saving features than the standard mechanical thermostat. Electronic thermostats dose heaters by sending power sequentially. This allows a more accurate approximation of the set temperature.

Heating floor thermostats are electronic thermostats. However, they have unique features for heated floors. These allow the reading, using a probe, of the temperature to the floor. Heating floor thermostats also have leakage protections in case a damaged cable under the floor causes a power leak. That’s why they’re more expensive than a standard electronic thermostat. They are available in a programmable and non-programmable model.

This electronic thermostat is very similar to the standard electronic thermostat. However, it has more programming options than the standard thermostat. It is possible, with this type of thermostat, to set hours and days with different instructions. This allows for greater energy savings and more comfort-oriented control.

The low-voltage thermostat is used in specific applications. It is often used in situations where high heating capacity is required and mechanical thermostats are unusable or unsuitable. This allows you to control several high-powered appliances with the same thermostat using heating relays. It is also used in the control of central systems such as: furnaces, kettles or heat pumps…

With the arrival of smart thermostats, heating is no exception to new technology. It is now possible to install heating control devices that are equipped with various technologies such as: WiFi, Google Home, Alexa and more. This allows for the control and extensive programming of your heaters in real time, anywhere, from any device connected to the internet.

Stunning warranty

Groupe Quenneville is made up of a team of experts in all spheres of electric heating. We are on the lookout for the latest technologies and new trends in the market. Our full 5-year warranty is a testament to the quality of our work and our confidence in your complete satisfaction.

Products installed/offered

The electric baseboard has been the standard in electric heating for decades. This type of heating is economical and adequately heats our homes. If your baseboards look very old, there may be some risks associated with their use. The dirt that accumulates, the old electrical connections, the deterioration of the components of the device are some of them. A heating system in good condition is what you want in order to save money and ensure your safety!

Baseboard product sheet

Stelpro B-Series Baseboard

The convector is a device that works with heating elements, in the same principle as an electric baseboard. The difference is in the design of the product. The convector, due to its manufacture, naturally produces a pathway effect that propels hot air into your room. The result is greater comfort and a more uniform temperature in your room. Several types of convection devices are available; contact us to be advised on the best product to use as needed.

Mirage Stelpro

The radiation or radiant device provides even greater comfort than a traditional convector. The mode of heat transmission in these two devices is different. Instead of heating the air, the radiant device will warm the mass. The heat emanating from a radiant device is similar to the heat emitted by the sun. It is more homogeneous and much more comfortable than the heat emitted by the traditional convector. This type of heating does not dry out the air.

Impresario Convectair

The crown radiator can be a good option if space is an important element in selecting your heating mode. It sits on the top of a wall; there is no space restrictions with these heaters. The heat of a crown radiator is similar to a radiant device. Heat is diffused and absorbed by objects and surrounding surfaces and they act as heat tanks, thus initiating a convection-type hot air current. It is often installed over patio doors or in daycares (as kids can’t touch them and hurt themself).

Stelpro Crown

The name may not tell you anything, but you are very familiar with aeroconvectors. They are usually installed in bathrooms and spaces where there are often cold drafts such as building entrances and exits. Several models, some more elegant than others are offered. The main advantage is the rapid distribution of heat by the thrust generated by the fan in the unit. The disadvantage lies mainly in the noise emitted by the device.

Oasis décor

Aerotherms are forced-air devices for specific uses. This category includes ceiling aeroconvectors (or “Dragons”) generally installed in garages and also commercial and industrial aerotherms. Some models are made with high power to warm large spaces.

Stelpro Aerotherm

The floor heating cables are interesting especially in the event of a replacement of the flooring. Radiant heating by the floor is a very comfortable heating and a lot installed in the bathrooms. It also has the advantage of not taking up any space in your room. Being installed on the entire floor surface, the heat is well distributed throughout the room and provides great comfort.

Stelpro Heating Floor

The kick heater is an option in kitchens where there are many cabinets no space to install another type of heating unit. The kick-type heater is similar to the aeroconvector device except that its build is suitable for it to be installed under a cabinet. It is discreet and offers good heating power that spreads quickly because of the fan that pushes the hot air everywhere on the ground.

Stelpro kick-heater

Floor heating can be a good option if space is a problem in the electrical heating of your room. Floor heating is effective and helps to cut the cold. The main disadvantage of this type of heating is that dust and debris tend to accumulate quickly in it. It requires regular maintenance to optimize its operation and longevity.

Floor aeroconvector

The infrared radiator or “terrace heater” is useful for very specific applications where cold air is present in large volume. Whether it’s for a terrace, a warehouse, an outdoor waiting area or even a SPA corner, the infrared radiator is light and efficient. He projects heat directly onto objects and people in front of him.

Stelpro patio heater
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